Climbing is for everyone.

Here at North Walls, we are constantly looking to improve and to make our climbing environment as inclusive and accessible as possible.

ClimbingQTs is an LGBTQ+ rock climbing club and advocacy group based in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia) where climbers have the opportunity to mix and socialise. As a collective, ClimbingQTs came together after identifying the value of fostering and expanding self-respect of non-normative gender and sexual identities. This initiative aims to promote understanding by advocating for and creating trans and queer friendly climbing spaces and events. 


We aim to address the struggle and complexities of sport for people of diverse genders, sexes and sexualities and re-conceptualize the relationship between sport, gender identity and body image. Queer sport spaces can be a welcome refuge from heterosexuality and cissexism as well as place of comfort. Given the heteronormativity of athletics and sport culture, ClimbingQTs aims to create a space for this community to grow and diversify.


All levels are welcome from beginner to advanced and events range from monthly meet-ups, inclusive indoor climbing sessions and multi-day outdoor adventures. At the heart of ClimbingQTs values is creating an inclusive, diverse and empowering environment

where LGBTQ+ folk can be their true selves, learn new skills, participate in active social sport and connect with the outdoors.

  • No experience, insurance or equipment is necessary to participate and although membership is encouraged, it is not essential to come along and take part. We host events across so-called Australia in Victoria, New South Wales, Canberra and Queensland. All indoor events are delivered in partnership with the climbing facility and outdoor events delivered by certified and licensed climbing instructors.

  • ClimbingQTs is an ally inclusive club, a strategic model that invites anyone questioning or not 'out' to participate in all activities.

You can find out more about Climbing QTs here


We work with Adaptive Climb Victoria to host Come & Try days, in order to make our space at North Walls more accessible. 

Adaptive Climbing Victoria (ACV) offers people living with a disability the opportunity to participate in the sport of rock climbing, both competitively and socially, no matter their ability


Started in 2018 as a Special Project of SCV, ACV came to life as the team saw a need to promote awareness around including people with disability within the climbing community. ACV is aiming to create pathways for people with disabilities to participate in rock climbing, while at the same time educating the existing climbing community about how they can help.


You can find more information on ACV on their website 

The next Come & Try Day at North Walls is tentatively booked in for early October.


Stay tuned for updates!