First thing you'll need to do if you've never been to North Walls before is book a Belay Induction.

Whether you're a first timer or a veteran, you will need to be inducted into our top rope system. Booking a Belay Induction online will ensure you a spot and allow you to have the paper work sorted before arriving.  As part of this, you will need to...


Organise a friend to climb with.


Book an induction.


Create your account & sign your waiver online.

Once you've completed your induction, you can climb as much as you can handle! The induction covers entry for the day and all the climbing you want.

Don't have your own climbing gear? We'll sort you out at the front desk!

We have adults, kids, a full body harness and shoes available for hire at the front desk.

If you're worried about sizing shoot us an email at


Our climbing system requires you to have another person acting as your belayer.
They have the important job of managing the top rope the climber is connected to, which is why we place such an emphasis on getting everyone through a Belay Induction.  

The minimum age to belay is 11 years old and while kids under this age cannot belay, they are able to climb.

Anyone 17 and under requires adult supervision. 


You can book a Belay Induction*, sign up for your account & complete the waiver through the link below.

*Each first time visitor needs to make their own booking.  E.g. if you and a friend are both coming to North Walls for the first time, please create an account & book yourself into a Belay Induction, and have your friend create an account and book themselves into the same Belay Induction.