We have plenty of lead climbing at North Walls with 40+ lead climbs at a wide range of difficulties.

If you'd like to lead climb here, you will need to go through a Lead Assessment which involves

a few quiz questions, and then a practical test. There are a few things to be aware of before booking in for an assessment.

You will need...

Rope (40+ meters min)

Lead Climbing Harness

Locking Carabiners

Belay Device*


 * These are the only belay devices      permitted at North Walls. 

You can book your lead assessment below. If you and a friend both need to do a lead assessment, one of you can book in and nominate the other as the person testing with you.

If more than two people need an assessment, book an extra appointment time. If you want to climb with a different device to what you originally tested with, you will have to retake the lead assessment with the new device. If none of the available booking slots work for you, contact us. Lead assessments are free of charge. 

*If it's your first time ever at North Walls, you will need to book a Belay Induction first. You can do that here.